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School History

Celebrating 100 Years


Perryville Elementary School History

From the earliest recorded minutes found from the Boyle County Board of Education, land was purchased from George Warren and his wife for the development of a Graded High School in Perryville, Kentucky. The spot of the future school was then simply known as "Warren Hill". The board hired Mr. Vandalson, as the architect, and Mr. H.B. Rickets, as the contractor, to design and construct the school. Perryville School opened for its first term in September of 1915. Attendance recored for Perryville High School for the first session indicated 21 freshmen, 12 sophomores, 10 juniors, and 3 seniors from the Perryville area and 12 contract transfers from Danville City Schools.  

Upon completion of the eighth grade, each student was required to take the county examination.  Passing the examination allowed the student to receive the county diploma and to enter high school. Successful completion of the high school curriculum entitled the student to the state diploma.  Woodstoves were used in earlier years.  Wood was delivered to the school by a horse and a wagon.  Later, a coal furnace heated the school.  It has been quoted, "Oh, those hissing radiators!"

Students brought their lunches and ate them at their desks.  Later, the cafeteria was built in the basement and students were called to lunch by grade. It has been said that they had "real" mashed potatoes.  The students drank milk that was delivered to school each day in little glass bottles. In the late 1920's or early 1930's, school buses were first used for transportation.  In 1938, the gymnasium was built and more classroom space was added.  The front hall was added in 1956.  The oldest part of the school was torn down in 1957.  The back hall was added in 1966. Construction of the new section became the elementary school, which was completed in the 1960's. In 1963, Commencement was held for the last graduating class and students in grade 9-12 began attending the new Boyle County High School in the fall of that year.  The last 7th and 8th grade classes to attend the school were those in the 1982-83 session. Eventually, the old school building was demolished and the present elementary school remains. In the fall of 2001, the 6th graders moved up to the Boyle County Middle School.


 The latest renovation of the whole school began in the spring of 2001 and finished in the summer of 2002.  New heating and central air-conditioning, new gym floor and bleachers, new kitchen and appliances, new office area, new library/media center, new computer lab, new windows, and complete renovation (adding a new Intermediate Classroom wing) of all classrooms were completed. 


Landscaping and a remodeled front parking lot, addition of a new bus departure and pick-up and additional parking at side of building were added in 2005.


The Ice Storm of 2009 damaged the trees in front of the building and they had to be removed for safety reasons. Now a lone Blue-Spruce which was planted in December of 2008 stands by the flag pole.